HDPE Poly-Fusion
Trained & Certified for:

Poly Butt Fusion
(1"- 65" McElroy Units)

(Central Plastics & Friatec processors)

Extrusion Welding

QED Pump Certified

OSHA Trained and Certified for:

29 CFR 1910-120
General Industry Regulations:

Subpart I: 1910.134

Subpart J: 1910.146
Permit Required
Confined Spaces

Dedicated to the practice of safe and environmentally sound procedures that protect the clients we serve.

Gas Header Installation
Gas Header Installation

    Fusion Solutions, Inc. helps our clients reduce unnecessary future costs by installing HDPE products.

   Many municipalities and industries have found HDPE to be an ideal alternative for many of their projects. Replacement of deteriorated metal piping, or old and brittle PVC can be an expensive and time consuming project that can be avoided in the future, by utilizing HDPE.

   High Density Polyethylene products (HDPE) are the most effective and modern fabrication on the market today. Not only is HDPE pipe flexible, durable, and lightweight, it does not have the problems of corrosion, rusting, or deteriorating that other materials have shown in the past.  HDPE pipe is recognized for its zero leak rate, high performance and long life expectancy.


  • Sanitary / Waste Water Systems
  • Storm Water / Culverts
  • Methane Recovery Systems
  • Methane Gas Wells
  • Leachate Recovery Systems
  • Directional Bore Piping
  • Slip-Lining / Pipe Bursting
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Custom Fabrications
  • Slurry / Dredge Lines
  • Overflow / Impoundment Structures
  • Underground Potable Water Conveyance
  • HDPE Lined Letdowns



Isolation Valve Structure
    Isolation Valve Structure